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A fanmade Marvel universe. Check out our main page and join the discussion on our Tumblr if you want to get involved. The community page provides info about how to get started and the forums can help answer any questions you may have.


This is an alternate universe. This is not the place to come for "accurate" information on the official versions of characters, as each and every one of them will have some divergences from their canonical counterparts, and others may be entirely different.

Just what is this "universe"?Edit

The Inclusive Marvel universe (InclusiveVerse for short) grew out of a few people's desire to see more diversity and representation among Marvel characters.

It cherry-picks from various canons (the mainstream comics, Ultimates, the movies, and cartoon shows), as well as making some stuff up, or basing it on popular headcanons and logical deductions. Improving on how a character's canonical marginalizations - their race, sexuality, disabilities, etc - is handled is a big priority. 

Some basics of InclusiveVerse can be found on our timeline page .

 Latest activityEdit

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    Comment: My dream role as an actor, is to play Wiccan in a Young Avengers Netflix series. Yah, it's pretty specific.

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